The Ring of Peaks

115 km, 3 massif, 9 shelters … An authentic route through Picos de Europa Official dates from 1st June until 15th October

A historical route through

Within a historical context, the “Anillo” (Ring) of Picos de Europa covers the Montes Vindios, stronghold of the last Cantabrian tribe that fought against the Roman troops. This tribe was known as the “Vadiniense” and it sought refuge in the mountains of the Cantabrian Mountain Range, known today as Picos de Europa.

Every stone found on the wayside by people who wish to venture into the Ring amasses many different stories, and although it is impossible to tell all the stories, many will be rescued from oblivion thanks to the National Park shelters and to the work of the wardens.

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One ring, two rings, three rings …

The “Anillo” of Picos de Europa has three modalities, the first of them is known as “El Anillo Vindio” (The Vindio Ring), which covers the western massif, the second “El Anillo Extrem” (The Extrem Ring), which apart from covering the western part would also cover the central massif, and finally “El Anillo Tres macizos” (The Three Massif Ring), which would cover all three: Western, Central and Eastern..

Each one of the stages always departs from a shelter or collaborating accommodation and ends in another. The advantage of the Ring is that one does not necessarily have to start in any specific place.

el anillo de picos mapa esquema

The shelters

Discover the 9 refuges of the Picos de Europa, each with their own unique and personal style where you can rest, sleep and eat.

ShelterVega de Ario

1.630 m – Macizo Occidental (Asturias)

Vega de Ario


1.470 m Macizo Occidental (Asturias)



1.432 m Macizo Occidental (León)


ShelterCollado Jermoso

2.067 m – Macizo Central (León)

Collado Jermoso

ShelterCabaña Verónica

2.325 m – Macizo Central (Cantabria)

Cabaña Verónica

ShelterCasetón de Andara

1.725 m – Macizo Oriental (Cantabria)

Casetón de Andara

ShelterVega de Urriellu

1.960 m – Macizo Central (Asturias)

Vega de Urriellu

ShelterJou de los Cabrones

2.100 m – Macizo Central (Asturias)

Jou de los Cabrones

ShelterLa Terenosa

1.300 m – Macizo Central (Asturias)

La Tenerosa

¡ Consigue tu pasaporte !

You can collect stamps shelters

In any of our shelters you can purchase a passport. When it comes to the shelter , you should alert the guards to seal the passport in addition to set the date and time for stating when you’ve been there.

Passport: 3€

sellos pasaporte anillo de pìcos
sellos pasaporte anillo de pìcos

Get our pack !

The “Pack del Anillo” is comprised of a t-shirt, a passport, a special map of the Ring and a scarf. You will find all of these things useful during your walks in the Ring and it will be a fantastic souvenir of your adventure in the Picos de Europa.

Get yours before they run out!

Pack: 30€

sellos pasaporte anillo de pìcos